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DPO - Department Of Child Development And Welfare

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District Programme OfficerBuddhi Mishra25105869450890824

For monitoring the child development and welfare activities in Bareilly at district level District Programme Officer is responsible for all the works related to this department. For his assistance there is a Child Development Regional Officer, Supervisor, Anganwadi Workers and several otherworkers.

The main objective of this department is to construct Anganwadi in villages. Anganwari is a government sponsored child­care and mother care center in India. It caters to children in the 0­6age group. The word means "courtyard shelter" in Hindi. They were started by the Indiangovernment in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combatchild hunger and malnutrition. The Anganwarisystem is mainly managed by the Anganwari worker. She is a health worker chosen from the community and given 4 months training in health, nutrition and child­care. She is in charge of an Anganwadi which covers a population of 1000. 20to 25 Anganwadi workers are supervised by a Supervisor called Mukhyasevika. Mukhyasevikas of a blockare headed by a Child Development Projects Officer (CDPO).

Anganwari are India's primary tool against the scourges of child malnourishment, infant mortalityand curbing preventable diseases such as polio.

This department runs various schemes for Social Security and Welfare of Children and Mothers, like:

• Pushtahar for Pregnant and Lactating Women

• Food Supplements for children of 0-3 yrs age

• Morning snacks and cooked food for children of 3-6 yrs age