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Bareilly Cuisine

There is a large population of food loving people in the city. The cuisine of Bareilly has a great influence of Mughal cuisine and culture. Hence there are many non-vegetarian dishes that are popular here. The delicacies ranging from seekhkabab to tandoori chicken, Nahari, Paya are ready to delight the sense of the food lovers visiting this city.

From the morning lassis to the mouth-watering chaats in the evening, Bareillywalas love their street food. The city dwellers are smitten with the taste of Tolaram Ki Kulfi, and the paprichaat and cheela at Ayub Khan ChowrahaMarket,andDinanathkilassi. The city's street food isn't limited to just the calorie-rich tikkis anymore, and has evolved to include snacks like cheese chilly and macaroni.

Bareilly has a number of restaurants, most of which follow the tradition of naming a cuisine after its creator. The city is known for its SeekhKabaabs, which are sold throughout the old city. Minced meat mixed with spices and aromatic herbs, is grilled on skewers over tamarind charcoal. The city is a home to many national-international franchisees of fast foods like Dominozs, Pizza Hut, Baskin-Robins, etc.