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Bareilly is a city in Bareilly district in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Located on the Ramganga, it is the capital of Bareilly division and the geographical region of Rohilkhand. The city is 252 kilometres (157 mi) north of the state capital, Lucknow, and 250 kilometres (155 mi) east of the national capital, New Delhi. It is the seventh-largest metropolis in Uttar Pradesh and the 50th-largest city in India. Bareilly also figured amongst the ambitious 100 Smart City list in India.

The city is also known by the name NathNagri (known for the four Shiva temples located in four corners of the region - DhopeshwarNath, MadniNath, AlakhaNath and TrivatiNath), AlaHazrat,ShahSharafatMiyan and KhankaheNiyazia (derived the famous Muslim Mausoleum), Zarinagari and historically as Sanjashya (where the Buddha descended from Tushita to earth).The city is a centre for furniture manufacturing and trade in cotton, cereal and sugar. Its status grew with its inclusion in the "counter magnets" list of the National Capital Region (NCR). The city is also known as Bans-Bareilly. Although Bareilly is a production centre for cane (bans) furniture, "Bans Bareilly" is not derived from the bans market; it was named for two princes: Bansaldev and Baraldev, sons of Jagat Singh Katehriya, who founded the city in 1537