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Government of India

Elected Representatives

A Member of Parliament(MP) is any member of the Indian Parliament called Sansad, i.e. (LokSabha and RajyaSabha). The members of the LokSabha are elected popularly by constituencies in each of the Indian states and union territories, while members of the RajyaSabha are elected indirectly by the state legislatures.

A Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) is a representative elected by the voters of an electoral district (constituency) to the Legislature of a State also called Vidhayak

Bareilly has two LokSabha Constituencies and nine VidhanSabha Constituencies.

  Shri SantoshGangwar   Member of Parliament (MP)   Bareilly   2577020, 2545555, 2514333
  Shri DharmendraKashyap   Member of Parliament (MP)   Aonla   2517090
  Shri Bhagwat Saran Ganwar   MLA   Nawabganj (ConstID : 121)   2540500
  DrSiaramSagar   MLA   Faridpur (ConstID : 122)  
  Shri Ataurrehman   MLA   Baheri (ConstID :118)  
  Shri Dharm Pal Singh   MLA   Aonla (ConstID : 126)  
  Shri Rajesh Agarwal   MLA   Bareilly Cantt (ConstID : 125)   2577272
  DrArun Kumar   MLA   Bareilly (ConstID : 124)  
  Shri Shazil Islam   MLA   Bhojipura (ConstID : 120)   2562200
  Shri Sultan Baig   MLA   Meerganj (ConstID : 119)   2559797
  Shri Virendra Singh   MLA   BithriChainpur (ConstID : 123)   2520678