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Festivals In Bareilly

Bareilly, one of the most populated states in India was the true cradle of the Indus valley civilization. The festivals of Bareilly can be redefined as a spiritual canvas of soul stirring celebration. Festivals of almost all religion are celebrated with equal splendor and cheer in Bareilly. Various communities of the Indian sub-continent celebrate as many as forty festivals with communal harmony. Not only national festivals like Diwali, holi, Maha-shivratri, Eid-ul-Adha,etc. are celebrated with enthusiasm, International festivals like yoga festival and valentine week are also celebrated with zest and zeal.

Beside these Bareilly city celebrates Jashan-e-chiraga, one of the famous festivals which are celebrated at the Khan KhayeNiyaziyadargah. This festival of Bareilly is considered as celebration of lights when devotees throng to the shrine for an exceptional ritual.