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Police in the district is headed by the SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police).He is the over all in-charge of the law and order of the district. The SSP has four Additional SP rank officers under him. SP City looks after the law and order along with functioning and working of the Thanas in the Urban Areas. SP Rural looks after the law and order along with functioning and working of the Thanas in the Rural Areas. SP Traffic takes care of the traffic in the whole of the district and SP Crime looks after the heinous criminal investigations that require indepth analysis.

Circle Officer (CO)

Under these four, come the circle officers (CO) who take care of the responsibilities of the Thanas allocated under them. 5Circle Officers come under the SP Rural, 4 Circle Officers come under the SP City. CO Traffic comes under SP Traffic. There is also a post of CO Lines.


At the big thanas or Kotwali, an SHO is stationed and others are manned by SO. Below the SHO is the SSI and SI under the SO. Thanas have various Chowkis under them where the Head Constable(HC) and Constable are stationed with Beat Officers under them to stay on rounds in their earmarked areas.

Other related units

In the Police lines or reserve lines under the RI the reserve force of the police is stationed along with the reserve equipment. They report directly to the SSP.

Local Intelligence is taken care by CO LIU who has an important role in giving inputs to police and magistracy regularly.

District Control Room looks after the rural area and City Control room of the urban area. Together they help in coordination and in completion of communication channels throughout the district.

There is a Mahila Thana functioning under CO 1st for crimes and issues specific to women.

  POLICE Helpline     100
  SSP   Bareilly   9454400260
  SP City   Bareilly   9454401035
  SP RA/Grameen   Bareilly   9454401033
  SP Traffic   Bareilly   9454401032
  SP Crime   Bareilly   9454401034
  PRO   Reserve Lines   9454457660
  C.O. CITY - I   Kothwali   9454403093   9454401322
  Premnagar   9454403099
  Mahila Thana   9454403095
  C.O. CITY II/Traffic   Kila   9454403100   9454401323
  Subash Nagar   9454403105
  C.O. CITY - III /Lines   Baradri   9454403081   9454401324
  IzzatNagar   9454403092
  C.B. Ganj   9454403086
  C.O. CITY - IV   Cantt   9454403085   9454407707
  BithriChenpur   9454403097
  C.O. Baheri   Baheri   9454403083   9454401326
  Sheeshgarh   9454403102
  Devarniya   9454403087
  Shergarh   9454403103
  C.O. Meerganj   Meerganj   9454403096   9454401327
  Shahi   9454403101
  Fatehganj-West   9454403090
  C.O. Aonla   Aonla   9454403079   9454401325
  Bhmora   9454403082
  Visharathganj   9454403106
  Siroli   9454403104
  Aliganj   9454403078
  Faridpur   9454403088
  C.O. Faridpur   Fatehganj- East   9454403089   9454401329
  Bhutha   9454403084
  C.O. Nawabganj   Nawabganj   9454403098   9454401328
  Hafizganj   9454403091
  Bhojipura   9454403083
  Kyolarhiya   9454403094
  City Control Room       9454403107
  District Control Room       9454417441
  Police Lines       9454402349
  Traffic Helpline       8650000011
  Mahila Helpline       9368516060