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List of Tehsils in Bareilly

The Bareilly district is further divided in to six Tehsils for administrative purposes listed below.

1. Aonla

2. Baheri

3. Bareilly (Sadar)

4. Faridpur

5. Meerganj

6. Nawabganj


The Sub Divisional Magistrate is a miniature District Officer in his subdivision. In fact, under many revenue legislations, he is invariably vested with powers of Collector, to be exercised within his jurisdiction. He also hears appeals as Sub-Collector of the subdivision, against the orders of Tahsildar and Naib-Tahsildars. He is either a junior member of the Indian Administrative Service or a senior member of the State Civil Service, who has earned extensive experience in subordinate positions. He exercises direct control over the Tahsildars and his staff in his subdivision. He is the normal channel of correspondence between the District Officer and the Tahsildar in his subdivision.

SDMs are the head of Revenue administration in a sub division and are also the presiding officer of Revenue Court. They have powers under Revenue Code 2006 to hear cases relating to partition, boundary disputes, evictment in case of illegal possession, correction of records, declaration of title and appeals from the Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar courts in cases of mutation.

Administratively, he overheads the various departments functioning in his jurisdiction like health, education, police, irrigation, electricity, urban development, food and civil supply and block development etc

SDMs also are responsible for maintenance of Law and order in their tehsil and have powers under Sections 107/116, 133, 144, 145, 147, 98, 176 of CrPC. Apart from that they can go and inspect various establishments and send their inspection reports to the DM or concerned departmental officer and actions are taken based on these reports. Circle officer of Police helps SDM in maintaining Law and Order.

SDM is also the Chief Grievance Redressal officer and chairs the Tehsil Divas and Samadhan Divas

10-12 Jan Sunwai: All SDMs hear the grievances of public between 10 am to 12 noon at their office in Tehsils and try to dispose them.

Tehsil Divas: every first and third Tuesday of the month, a Tehsil Divas is held where officers of various departments come together to hear the grievances of people and address them. The grievances and complaints are registered online and are monitored directly from Lucknow. They have to be disposed in a timely manner.

Samadhan Divas: This is held every first and third Saturday in all thanas where a police officer and Revenue officer/magistrate hear grievances related to land disputes, or other police related issues. The Lekhpals and Revenue Inspectors are teamed up with police officials to go to the spot and address the issue.

OfficerOfficeContact No.
SDM BareillyTehsil Bareilly9454417203
SDM NawabganjTehsil Nawabganj9454418001
SDM MeerganjTehsil Meerganj9454418003
SDM AonlaTehsil Aonla9454417999
SDM FaridpurTehsil Faridpur9454418002
SDM BaheriTehsil Baheri9415425973


The officer incharge of a tehsil is called Tahsildar. However, there is no substantial difference in the revenue and magisterial duties of a Tahsildar and a Naib-Tahsildar, In revenue matters, both exercise the powers of Assistant Collector, Grade II, in their circles as Circle Revenue Officers. Tahsildars and Naib-Tahsildars are appointed as ex officio Executive Magistrates in the district of their posting provided they have passed the respective prescribed Departmental Examinations in Criminal Law Paper by the Lower Standard as well as in the Language Paper. However, a Tahsildar is vested with powers of Assistant Collector, Grade I, with regard to the partition cases, which power he exercises in whole of the tahsil; the Naib-Tahsildars are not vested with this power. Also, as senior Revenue Officer of the Tahsil and as overall incharge thereof, a Tahsildar has powers of co-ordination and distribution of work among Circle Revenue Officers, the Naib-Tahsildars and himself.

PostContact No.
Tehsildar Bareilly (Sadar)9454418005
Tehsildar Nawabganj9454418008
Tehsildar Meerganj9454418010
Tehsildar Baheri9454418006
Tehsildar Faridpur9454418009
Tehsildar Aonla9454418007
Naib Tehsildar Bareilly(Sadar)9454415796
Naib Tehsildar Bareilly(Sadar)9454418011
Naib Tehsildar Meerganj 9721275327
Naib Tehsildar Aonla 9450408507
Naib Tehsildar Faridpur 9451350682
Naib Tehsildar Baheri 9411283520
Naib Tehsildar Bareilly(Sadar) 8004737655
Naib Tehsildar Nawabganj 9918590656