NIC Bareilly

Government of India

Urban Administration

Under 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, the administration of urban areas is looked after by urban local bodies.

The Bareilly city has a Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Mayor is the head of Municipal Corporation and the Executive head is the Municipal Commissioner. It provides basic urban amenities to the city and also runs various schemes for urban development.

Bareilly also has a Development Authority (BDA) Bareilly Development Authority is responsible for preparation and implementation of master plan for the development area. It takes up the infrastructural and basic amenity development for Bareilly besides environment conservation and development of rural areas around the mother city.

Apart from that there are Nagar Pallikas and Nagar Panchayats in various urban areas of the district each of which is headed by an elected Chairman and an Executive Officer.

Local BodyS.No.Place
Nagar Nigam1Bareilly
  Nagar Pallika1Baheri
 Nagar Panchayat 1 Faridpur
 2 Deoraniya
 3 Riccha
 4 Fatehganj (W)
 5 Fatehganj (E)
 6 Visaratganj
 7 Meerganj
 8 Shergarh
 9 Sheeshgarh
 10 Senthal
 11 ThiriyaNijayat Khan
 12 Sirauli
 13 Dhauratanda
 14 Shahi
 15 Rithora