UP Vidhan Sabha

For every state in India an Assembly or Vidhan Sabha or Lower House exist. In 7 states (Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh) there is provision of two houses (Vidhan parishad).

Members of legislative assembly are elected by voters of the state by direct elections. To be a voter a person should attain an age of 18 Years. There should not me less than 60 and more than 500 members in a legislative assembly. Though the size of Vidhan Sabha me be less. In some states Governor may nominate one member for minority representation. For example he may nominate 1 member from Anglo-Indian community. Members Elected of selected are known as MLA.

Life span of each Vidhan Sabha is 5 years after which fresh elections take place. During emergency this time period can be reduced or extended. Assembly can be discontinued by Governor on recommendation of Chief Minister. During emergency time period of legislative assembly can be increased for 6 months. Assembly can be dissolved after passing of “no confidence motion”.

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