Fire Department

Upto 1925, Uttar Pradesh had Fire Services in its KAVAL towns under the Municipal Boards. KAVAL is the abbreviated form of the prominent cities of Uttar Pradesh namely Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad and Lucknow. By the end of 1939 the beginning of Second World War triggered the need for well-organized fire services throughout India. The fire services of the Five KAVAL towns of U P with the Municipal Boards were taken over by the State Government on 26th July 1944 and thus Uttar Pradesh Fire Services was established.

Till 1952 these Fire Stations catered to services for the Municipal Board area. Uttar Pradesh Fire Services Act of 1944 was amended in 1952 and Fire Service was extended to the entire state.
Uttar Pradesh Fire Services started functioning in 1944 with 8 Fire Stations and 198 Fire Service Personnel and presently it has 242 Fire Stations in 75 districts with more than 7730 Fire Service Personnel. Previously Uttar Pradesh Fire Services had 166 Fire Service Stations at the time of formation of the new state Uttaranchal. The Uttar Pradesh Fire Services is presently equipped with more than one thousand Fire Engines and attends to fire incidents and fire related calamities.

Fire Department Bareilly  (PDF, 112 kb)